Wilderness Hotel and Resort

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin


Kilgust Mechanical
Madison, WI

Kilgust Mechanical
Madison, WI

DuctSox Fabric Duct and Diffuser Systems have many advantages and benefits, many of which are green and can be helpful in attaining LEED credits. Because the entire DuctSox System is a diffuser, air can be supplied to the occupied space in a more effi-cient pattern. DuctSox Systems may be designed with fittings similar to metal ductwork, including many standard zippered fittings and unlimited customization to match any application requirements. The cost of a DuctSox System is 20 to 80% less than metal. The cost savings of air porous DuctSox are even more dramatic when compared to insulated/double-wall spiral metal duct or premium materials. There is also considerable savings in the labor time required to install DuctSox versus a comparable metal system. Our fabrics are available in a variety of standard colors and patterns, including custom colors to match any interi-or decor. DuctSox can personalize your DuctSox System—advertise your company or school logos, mascots, inspirational sayings, sponsors, or suppliers.

  • Indoor Air Quality issues due to the water, people and required water sanitizing chemicals.
  • Reduce or eliminate bodily chills caused by drafts on wet skin.
  • Eliminate condensation on the unique Texlon Transparent Roof System