Reek Elementary School

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

LG VRF, Duct Sox

JDR Engineering- Madison, WI

H&H Industries- Madison, WI

Mechanical Contractor
Justin Wierner- Madison, WI

LG Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems significantly minimize energy usage in comparison with traditional HVAC systems. VRF systems have the lowest life cycle cost amongst competing systems while also providing maximum occupant comfort through precise load matching, providing a building owner with an incredible value for his investment.  The system also offers vast flexibility with installation by eliminating large air duct systems, and providing compact and quiet equipment.

DuctSox Fabric Duct and Diffuser Systems have many advantages and benefits, many of which are green and can be helpful in attaining LEED credits. Because the entire DuctSox system is a diffuser, air can be supplied to the occupied space in a more efficient pattern. DuctSox systems may be designed with fittings similar to metal ductwork, including many standard zippered fittings and unlimited customization to match any application requirements.

  • The building was an aged facility with no cooling during summer school. Low ceilings limited space to get cooling to classroom spaces.
  • Only part of the school was to be cooled due to limited budget.
  • The scope was to do limited cooling to maintain 78 degrees in all occupied spaces during the summer.