Orange Coast Memorial Center

Fountain Valley, California

Nortek Air Solutions – Mammoth

Arnold & O’Sheridan- Madison, WI

Vyron Sales Engineer
Sue LaChance- Madison, WI

General Contractor 
Summit Smith- Milwaukee, WI

Mammoth’s custom-engineered systems make things possible that would otherwise be impossible with commercial systems. Our innovative, energy efficient products not only have low sound levels, but are quality, long-lasting (30 year expected lifetime) products. Our representatives and engineering staff work together to ensure the design meets your unique needs.

The iPEC (integrated Prefabricated Equipment Center) allows the customer to free up valuable indoor space while locating the HVAC system and ancillary equipment in a climate controlled space.

  • Medical center with the desire to maximize usable floor space
  • Limited space available for mechanical equipment – building height restrictions
  • Expensive field labor