Mackie Building

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


GRAEF Engineering- Milwaukee, WI

Vyron Sales Engineer
Tim Barham- Milwaukee, WI

Continuum Architects- Milwaukee, WI

Mechanical Contractor 
JM Brennan, Inc.- Milwaukee, WI

LG Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems significantly minimize energy usage in comparison with traditional HVAC systems. VRF systems have the lowest life cycle cost amongst competing systems while also providing maximum occupant comfort through precise load matching, providing a building owner with an incredible value for his investment.  The system also offers vast flexibility with installation by eliminating large air duct systems, and providing compact and quiet equipment.

  • Maintain the historic design of the building while upgrading the HVAC system to serve the heating and cooling needs of a diverse range of tenants.
  • The unique design of the building limited the space allowed for mechanical equipment.
    • The design needed to be flexible to accommodate the unique architecture of the roof and avoid wasting usable square footage on the ground floor.