Governair Featured Project

Construction began in December 2015 on 9.4 acres of land in Neenah, WI, to house the new Thedacare Neenah Primary Care Clinic. The 73,000 square foot facility is replacing the two family practices that were established years ago on the project site. Construction was expected to take ten to twelve months for completion of the Mayo Clinic Care Network Member.

Neenah patients will have equal and convenient access to a wide variety of health care all within one new clinic with 100 healthcare providers and staff with room to expand.

The welded frame unit that is roof mounted with a stacked air tunnel allowing supply and return connections to come straight up into the unit from the main mechanical shaft will be installed. The unit has a full height service vestibule that will house coil piping, pumps, and a service sink. During unoccupied periods, the unit will be used to cool the IT/electrical loads of the building thus eliminating a separate dedicated system. The high turndown capability of FANWALL® allows this unique approach to be possible.