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OneTouchPoint is a commercial print services provider headquartered in Hartland, Wisconsin. It specializes in delivering multi-channel communication, marketing, mailing and fulfilment services by way of superior- quality print production. They serve as a single-source – literally one touch point – marketing execution services provider, with experience in helping well over 3,000 clients implement smart solutions that encourage growth. To meet demand, OneTouchPoint operates with over 80,000 square feet of facility manufacturing space at it’s Hartland location.


In 2014, OneTouchPoint reached out to Sales Engineer John Longden of Vyron Corporation. The call centered around determining appropriate humidification options from Condair for a digital color room. “We explored electric, gas and ML technologies. The load for the room in question was 100 lbs per hour with a goal of maintaining 45 percent relative humidity,” said Longden. “At first, this load did not justify an ML system. However, once we looked at the facility and discovered they had a compressed air system that was causing maintenance issues, we determined their reverse-osmosis water consumption was at capacity.”

It was clear that these inadequacies were negatively impacting the facility’s ability to maintain proper air quality and humidity control. Maintaining appropriate relative humidity (RH) in print applications, within appropriate parameters (usually between 40 and 60 percent), is essential to avoiding a range of complications. Otherwise, issues such as electrostatic build-up, deformations on printed material, creasing, and other forms of distortion can occur. In addition, the quality of every print job would be at a greater risk of reduced consistency. Collectively, this would represent lost materials, time, performance efficiency, and revenue.

The right solution had to address these key areas, all while remaining operational with quick, simplified maintenance to keep everything running smoothly. After discovering the inadequate conditions at hand, Longden and OneTouchPoint Facility Engineer Mike Barton took another look at the options available to them. Another challenge presenting itself was the fact that some areas had 8-foot ceilings, demanding very specific units of just the right size to maintain optimal conditions in such a space.


“In the end, the decision was made to investigate a complete ML-series system for the facility,” said Longden. “The goal overall was to provide a means of humidification that is reliable, easy to maintain and highly energy efficient. After our inspection of the facility, the general consensus was that this would be the ideal solution.”

The installation, completed on July 15, 2015, consisted of multiple Condair ML-series products to deliver the consistent results OneTouchPoint needed. The ML PRO 500 system with twin alternating water softening capabilities was incorporated, along with an integrated reverse osmosis water treatment system. In addition, ML Solo 2 units were set up in the color area due to their small size and ability to produce an extremely fine mist, which is evenly distributed with the help of an internal fan. This made them ideal for the lower, 8-foot ceilings. ML Princess 2 units were also used in the press room and production area; they ensure zero risk of wetting due to their combination of a fan with fog nozzles capable of quick, 360-degree distribution.


“We provided the engineering of the required capacity, a thorough installation, dedicated project management, and Total Care updates to ensure absolute satisfaction,” Longden said. “After running for three years, the system is going just as strong and delivering as intended.”

As a result of these efforts, OneTouchPoint has benefited from consistent relative humidity that is more easily maintained, all with the help of an innovative installation custom-tailored to fit unique operating conditions. Cost control, material and product wastage and time management have all been streamlined as a result of optimal air moisture content and regulated air quality, particularly boosted with the help of the reverse osmosis system and facility-wide humidity control. With a dependence on proprietary technology and a focus on quality control ensuring impactful communications, the collaborations of Condair, Vyron Corporation and OneTouchPoint have proven to be a winning combination.

About Condair

Condair specializes in the manufacturing of industry- leading commercial and industrial humidification and evaporative cooling systems. Having spent decades re-establishing global standards for energy-efficient solutions, Condair is represented in 16 countries by its own sales and service organizations, and is also supported by distribution partners in a further 50 countries, including Vyron Corporation.

The Condair Group operates production sites in Europe, North America and China to help deliver premium-quality humidification solutions to businesses and industrial clients in need of greater efficiency, quality control and operating conditions optimized for their specific applications.